The Falcons

Holy crap, the Falcons are in the playoffs. This is weirder than the time I was the Best Bartender of the Year in Creative Loafing (along with Anna and Faylynn). Now the falcons are probably going to get all bigheaded and self-important, and get burned out and develop attitudes and be back on the bottom of the pile before you can say “The Seahawks are 7 and 9.”

But . . . surely we can enjoy their blazing glory-ride while it lasts and be dazzled by their magnificence. (Here my analogy completely goes to shit.)

Let us begin again, and then again begin. In my optional opinion the years 2009 and 2010 induced compassion fatigue in many of my clients and patients (my customers were Continue reading

Slender legs and Neural Implants (Gino makes a rare log entry)

Well, probably the surprise of the century is that we have a winner already for the 2010 Yacht Club short story contest. As always, the entries were many (even more so than usual) and the judges really had their work cut out for them trying to winnow a winner from the bountiful harvest of excellent entries. Needless to say there were several entries which require an honorable mention, such as the story of the young man who was so addicted to pain pills that he was trying to give away his cat (oddly and coincidentally named Fay Lynn) so he could kill himself without a shred of remorse about the total wreck of a life he was leaving behind, and the story about blah blah bah, which again although excellent and brilliantly realized, didn’t quite meet the standards of tone which, if not as clearly defined under the rules from the Creative Loafing as many would have liked , well, how about some common sense? It is Christmas after all, and so we decided to go with a story, which is not only lyrical and insightful about the ways and workings of the Yacht Club, but also seems pervasive of a whole new era of scientific hope and optimism.

The Swashbuckler’s Tale

The thick smoke, broken glass and stench of stomach fluids from the survivors of the Continue reading