2×2=4 Trolls & Ancient Mules x Harold=?

Pardon me, I have the wrong glasses on (the ones held together with the black Yacht Club straw which so many people find inexplicably endearing), though that certainly is no excuse for lying or being unavailable and so I would like to immediately apologize for having the output of a mock turtle since the late summer. If my memory serves me correctly (that caused me almost Christ like suffering to type by the way), I’ve never hurt anyone who didn’t deserve and need a little pain as a life lesson, and certainly the thought of anyone in distress makes me physically ill. But I had a sort of a half-dream last night while still sitting up with a book in my hands, in which there was an alternate world where that is not true. And who would you be in that world? Thankfully there will be no specifics addressed re: this imaginary world, but on account of it being Thanksgiving and all, maybe it would be a good time to thank Her, Him, It that, instead of evolving something amazingly intricate such as a turkey’s succulence or a giraffe’s long neck, which enables those wonderful creatures to find food where nothing else possibly could, we humans have evolved this crazy, often self-defeating thing called a conscience. Boy, what a short-straw draw it sometimes seems. Continue reading