So, Where are they? Nov12, 2010

Halloween. That’s right. It’s Halloween again, even though it was Halloween two seconds ago. Usually, right about now I’m asking my friend Frank, “How many days until baseball starts?” and he always says, “A hundred and sixty-eight days,” without missing a beat. That’s because right about mid-September the Braves are always getting themselves mathematically eliminated from the play-offs, and I want to know how long until the next season starts. But this year it’s gonna be (was) different! This year we’re gonna (didn’t) win the division title, and make it to the world series and and play the Yankees and it’s gonna go to seven games an and then it’s gonna go into extra innings in the seventh game against the Yankees and it’s gonna be the longest baseball game ever, and I’m going to write a science fiction novel about it while it’s going on and the game will be so long that next baseball season will be here before it even ends and it will be an awesome time-traveling conundrum and, and, and, and . . . . Continue reading